What is The Best Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Your Mattress?


Normally you spend a maximum of your time on your mattress while sleeping, working and even sometimes eating. It is very important to keep your mattress clean and hygiene to stay healthy. Cleaning mattress is not a big deal but what type of product you use to maintain the cleanliness and quality of your mattress and at the same time, to stay away from harmful side effects.

Using the Eco-friendly mattress cleaning products is a good option to maintain both cleanliness and quality. Sometimes, people fail to realize how important is to clean the mattress regularly. Because dirt, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, bugs and oils multiply every day, frequent cleaning is very important to eliminate all these harmful elements.

When you use the Eco-friendly mattress cleaning products, it will enable you to sleep on a hygiene mattress. The Eco-friendly products will improve the quality and life of the mattress. Here are the few tips by Professional mattress cleaners Adelaide  to clean your mattress by adopting the Eco-friendly method.

What Are the Drawbacks of Conventional Cleaners?

Though the conventional cleaners provide best results, they are made up of harsh chemicals such as brighteners and bleaches. These types of cleaners can easily affect your health and cause severe skin allergies. Breathing chemical are highly dangerous for the respiratory system.

These harsh chemical products contain petroleum-based materials that contain artificial attractants. Using chemical cleaners is harmful to you as well as to the environment.


Why Should You Choose the Eco-Friendly Mattress Cleaners?

  • Good for the earth and environment
  • Breath good air while sleeping
  • Children and pet safety
  • Safety cleaning

How to Clean the Traditional Mattress?

Vacuuming is the first step of cleaning the traditional mattress; this will remove the accumulated dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria, pollen, and oils.

  • Deodorize the mattress by sprinkling the baking soda
  • Vacuum again to take away the baking soda
  • Turn your mattress and repeat the same above process
  • Place your mattress under sunlight for an hour and add mattress cover to protect the mattress.
  • Start steam cleaning method to treat any particular stains on the mattress.


How To Clean the Latex Mattress?

  • Remove the mattress cover
  • Add little organic soap liquid to warm water and mix the liquid well
  • Use a clean cotton cloth and treat the stains by spot cleaning method and wipe the excess liquid
  • Allow the mattress to dry completely (air dry is recommended). Do not dry the latex mattress directly under sunlight.

How to Clean the Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Vacuum the mattress to eliminate the dirt, dust mites and other harmful pathogens from the mattress
  • Remove the stains by using organic mild soap liquid. Do not use the harmful and harsh chemicals on the mattress as it will completely spoil the quality and appearance of the mattress.

Using the Eco-friendly products to clean the mattress is always good as it will maintain cleanliness as well as your health.


Mattress Steam cleaning in Melbourne

mattress clean

Our professional cleaners can steam spotless your mattress to dispose of dangerous bacteria from your mattresses. All our mattress cleaners are fully credited & expert qualified. We are proficient in removing bacterial, stains, dull Skin, dirt Mite from the mattress. We use choice of bio-friendly and anti-hazard Mattress steam cleaning solutions. Full night slumber sure after using our mattress cleaning services.


I have seen a lot of my customers attempting to clean actually dirty and unclean mattress at house and calling me when matters have gone from terrible to poorer. Professional mattress dry/steam clear out or at the very least the right guidance from a specialist in the pasture should be your first step. I recommend a highly optimized service which not only cleans the mattress but also ensures that there is least show off and tear from usual servicing. The method I use has a number of specific steps –

  • Powerful heap filtration extraction – I only use the most powerful and effective equipment. This tackle is intended to eliminate dirt, dust mites and their excrement, larvae, spawn and hide scales from your mattress.
  • Soil mite removal – I only use policy and solutions that are experienced and approved for safely eliminating germs and contaminants including bacteria from soft furniture. My goods are in Australia totally approved and my skilled methods are completely safe leaving zero chance of any adverse effects on you, your family or the environment.
  • Anti-bacterial conduct – I feel that cosmetically cleaning your mattress is not enough. Defensive it from future growth of any germs, mold spores or dust mites is in my opinion far more important part of my service. This is why my last but one step is the application of an anti-bacterial cover, a vital part of my mattress sanitizing repair.
  • Powerful wet origin – The last step is to extract any excess from deep within your mattress. This speeds up the drying procedure and can be very useful in removing some of those rough perspiration stains. This final process also transforms your soiled and dust laden mattress back to its original factory condition.